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Movie DB

Explore and organize your personal collection of movies and tv shows
Version: 0.6
Added: 14-05-2024
Updated: 25-05-2024
Movie DB is a fully open-source android application for exploring and organizing your personal collection of films and television series.

It offers synchronization with your TMDB account. Once logged in, you can sync your favorites, watchlist, rated movies, and more. It also integrates with a local database to keep track of your shows. You can assign various statuses to each title—such as ‘planned’, ‘watched’, or ‘dropped’—rate them, and note the dates you commenced and concluded each show.

It allows you to filter shows based on genre, release dates, and more. Detailed information on each show, including the cast, crew, and recommendations for similar titles, is also available.

Key Features-
-Synchronization with TMDB
-Add favorite, watchlist, rate with TMDB
-Create List (Public/private)
-Offline support (Local database to keep track of your shows)
-Import/Export database
-Support for Material You
-Get notified of movie and tv show release
-And many more...

The required data are requested from This app is still is development, feel free to request feature or report any issue.

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