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MTG Familiar

MTG Familiar is a collection of utilities for playing "Magic: The Gathering"
Version: 3.9.1
Added: 29-08-2012
Updated: 09-10-2021
"MTG Familiar" is a collection of utilities for the "Magic: The Gathering" trading card game, including a searchable offline database of magic cards, life, poison & mana counters, a set of virtual dice, card image downloads, deck, trade and wishlist management, comprehensive offline rules and judge documents, and a timer for competitive play.

"Note:" Card price look-ups fail in the F-Droid APK due to a missing API key.
IzzyOnDroid hosts an APK with the API key. This APK comes from the project’s GitHub releases page and is the same APK as on Google Play.

Switching between APKs from different repositories requires you to uninstall MTG Familiar first because the APKs use different digital signatures. To preserve your data, export it with the "Save Data to SD" button at the bottom of the menu before uninstalling and import it with the "Load Data from SD" after installing.
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