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Read tire pressure sensor
Version: 1.3
Added: 03-03-2015
Updated: 28-10-2016
Read tire pressure sensors of a motorcycle with an iTPMSystem.


* Displays tire pressure, temperature and voltage
* User configurable units for pressure and temperature
* User configurable notifications for low/high tire pressure (Sound, vibrate and LED)
* Auto night mode (dark color scheme) using the light sensor
* Sensor discovery
* Screen rotation
* Runs in the background
* Optional data logging in csv format to /sdcard/mTPMS
* English language

How to use:

* Power on the iTPMSystem
* Pair your device to the iTPMSystem unit, test with the Vendor supplied app and close it. If it doesn't work then this app probably won't either.
* Launch iTPMSystem, you should see message that you are connected. You now need to wait for the sensors to start sending data through the iTPMSystem.
* Once discovered map them to their wheel locations in the preferences.
Screenshot of mTPMS Screenshot of mTPMS Screenshot of mTPMS
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