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Enhanced Music Controller Lite

Remote controller for Onkyo devices
Version: 1.31
Added: 06-03-2019
Updated: 20-12-2023
This app allows remote control of a Network Player or a Network A/V Receiver via the local network.
The app supports Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra released in April 2016 or later and Denon/Marantz with build-in HEOS technology.
Some TEAC models like Teac NT-503 are also supported.

The two most popular features of the app are music playback and sound profile management.

Other benefits include:
* Maximum privacy: No ads, no trackers, no telemetry, no special permissions like GPS
* The modern Material design supports different color themes and works on smartphones and/or tablets in portrait and landscape mode
* One-click access to music playback actions
* One-click access to media items using shortcuts for Onkyo or Favourites for Denon
* Full music playback control (play, stop, pause, track up/down, time seek, repeat and random modes)
* Full tone control (listening modes, bass, center, treble and subwoofer levels)
* Enhanced Play Queue support (add, replace, remove, remove all, change playback order)
* TuneIn Radio, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal streaming (if supported by receiver)
* DAB / FM / AM (if supported by receiver)
* Multi-zone support (if supported by receiver)
* Multi-room support: Allows control of groups of devices attached via FlareConnect (for Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra only). Ability to control FlareConnect without WiFi
* Control of devices attached via RI (for Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra only)
* Display device details and control device settings such as dimmer level, digital filter, auto power, and sleep timer
* Allows control of receivers over an OpenVPN connection (even over a cellular connection)
* Integration with "Tasker"

Known limitations:
* Please note that the app does not support the music streaming from your phone to the network player or the receiver
* In order to login into Deezer, Tidal, or Spotify, you need the official Onkyo/Denon app additionally to this app
* Pioneer models before year 2016 are NOT supported, for example: VSX-424, VSX-529, VSX-830, VSX-920K, VSX-923, VSX-924, VSX-1021, VSX-1121, SC-95, SC-LX79, N-50, N-50a, N-70A
* Following Denon models are not supported: AVR-X1000, DNP-730AE, Heos Link 2
* Following models do not support "Play Queue" feature (that is a limitation of the Onkyo firmware): CR-N765, DTR-40.5, HM76, HT-R693, HT-R695, TX-8130, TX-8150, TX-NR626, TX-NR636, TX-NR646, TX-RZ900

At the moment, the app is tested and works with following devices:
* Onkyo: TX-L20D, TX-L50, TX-NR414, TX-NR509, TX-NR525, TX-NR535, TX-NR575E, TX-NR616, TX-NR636, TX-NR646, TX-NR656, TX-NR676E, TX-NR686, TX-NR696, TX-NR818, TX-RZ50, TX-RZ810, TX-RZ830, TX-RZ900, TX-RZ1100, TX-8130, TX-8150, TX-8250, TX-8270, TX-8390, R-N855, CS-N575D, CR-N765, CR-N775D, HT-S7805, NS-6130, NS-6170, Wireless Audio System NCP-302
* Integra: DTM-6, DRX-5.2, DTR 30.7, DTR 40.7
* Pioneer (models after 2016): VSX-LX101, VSX-LX103, VSX-LX104, VSX-LX302, VSX-LX303, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX504, VSX-S520D, VSX-832, VSX-932, VSX-933, SC-LX701, SC-LX901, SX-N30, NC-50DAB, N-50AE, N-70AE, XC-HM86D, MRX-3, MRX-5
* Teac: NT-503, AG-D500
* Denon with build-in HEOS: DRA-800H, AVR-S750H, AVR-S760H, AVR-X2400H, AVR-X2600H, AVR-X3700H, AVR-X3800H, AVR-X4300H, AVR-X4500H, AVR-X6300H
* Marantz with build-in HEOS: NR1200, NR1510, NR1711, SR5015, SR6015

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