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Music Control

Remote controller for Onkyo devices
Version: 1.5
Added: 06-03-2019
Updated: 02-11-2019

This app allows remote control of an Onkyo Network Player or a Network A/V Receiver via the "Integra Serial Communication Protocol". Its two most popular features are music playback and sound profile management.

Other benefits include:

  • Maximum privacy: No ads, no trackers, no telemetry, no special permissions
  • One-click access to music playback actions
  • Full music playback control (play, stop, pause, track up/down, time seek, repeat and random modes)
  • The modern material design supports different color themes and works on smartphones and/or tablets in portrait and landscape mode
  • Tuneln Radio and Deezer streaming
  • Multi-zone support
  • Control of devices attached via RI
  • Play queue support (add, remove, clear, change playback order)
  • Display device details and control device settings such as dimmer level, digital filter, auto power
  • Allows control of receivers over an OpenVPN connection (even over a cellular connection)

Screenshot of Music Control Screenshot of Music Control Screenshot of Music Control
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