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Microblogging via StatusNet
Version: 0.4.1
Added: 09-12-2013
Updated: 09-12-2013
The versions here don’t work with Twitter or any more. They only
work with GNU Social (formerly StatusNet). You may like to try or, for Twitter; or for

Mustard is a full-featured client for Statusnet / GNU
Social, a microblogging platform somewhat like Twitter, but decentralized. Note
that the hitherto largest Statusnet site,, now uses
a different platform called

It has many features like attachments, geolocation and avatar update. It
supports tags, groups and public timelines, favor/disfavor notices,
subscribe/unsubscribe users and multiple accounts.

If the server uses OAuth the credentials will need to be put on a server as
explained on the website.
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