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My Brain

All in one app for Tasks, Notes, Events and more
Version: 1.0.4
Added: 09-06-2022
Updated: 07-11-2022
My Brain is an Open source, All in one productivity app for Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Diary and Bookmarks.

Features :
- Private with no data collection and no internet permission at all.
- Create tasks with priority, sub-tasks, description and due date and reminders.
- Create Notes that supports markdown which enables you to use Headers, lists, links etc..
- Record your mood daily and view your mood summary with beautiful graphs.
- Save bookmarks for later by using the share menu from any other app.
- View your calendar events in a modern view and also with a beautiful home screen widget.
- Dashboard screen to see your tasks, calendar events, and more to see your day at a glance.
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