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My Location

Know your geo coordinates using on-device GPS and Network location providers
Version: v1.04
Added: 17-09-2021
Updated: 17-09-2021

My Location finds your device's location in the following ways:

- GPS is usually the most accurate method. But a position fix may take some time or may not work at all due to signal loss. Lock GPS feature runs a persistent service to keep connected with the satellites.

You can also see the list of visible satellites with their PRNs (unique identifiers) and SNR (signal quality).

- Network Location Provider uses Wi-Fi or Cellular ids to estimate the location. On the devices with Google Play Services installed, NLP usually uses Google Location Service at backend.

- UnifiedNLP is an open source API which has been used to develop multiple NLP backends (


- Location coordinates can be copied to clipboard or opened in a maps app, if installed.

- Clearing A-GPS aiding data is also supported.

My Location is completely free and open-source. No ads, no trackers, no analytics.
Source code:

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