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MythTV remote control system
Version: 0.6.3
Added: 02-03-2011
Updated: 10-10-2013
A remote control system for MythTV featuring:

* Support MythTV 0.21 - 0.26
* Optimised for both phone and tablet screens
* Coverart / fanart display (MythTV 0.25+)
* Standard and 'gesture' remote control interfaces
* Move in-progress playback between frontends and/or the device itself
* Wake and unlock upon device movement whilst in remotes
* Display of detected commercial breaks
* Browse, schedule, delete and play recordings
* Stream recordings and videos to the android device
* Music remote with album art
* Video browsing and playback
* Status and Program guide viewers
* Automatic discovery of frontends and backend
* Supports multiple frontends
* Hardware keyboard 'passthru'
* Frontend Wake On Lan
* Call / SMS info display on MythTV OSD
* Automated, secure, muxed connection for simplified use when away from home
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