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Prayer Times (Islamic Tools)

Useful application with a set of tools needed by any muslim
Version: 3.7.4 F-Droid
Added: 09-08-2016
Updated: 06-05-2020
With this app you have some useful tools needed by any Muslim everywhere in
their pocket.


* Different prayer times calendar (,,,, and calculation methods)
* Automatic location
* Worldwide Prayer Times
* Reads Adhan for the prayer times
* Automatically (or per widget) switches to Silent
* Early Notification for prayer times
* Indicator for Makruh prayer time
* Widget / Notification
* Qibla Compass (2D/3D/Map)
* 99 Names of Allah
* Religious holidays with descriptions
* Dhikr after prayer
* Hadith collection of Sahih al Bukhaari
* Dhikr counter
* Counter for missed prayers
* Arabic, Turkish, German and English language support
* Large set of downloadable Sounds (Adhan, Du'a etc.)
Screenshot of Prayer Times (Islamic Tools) Screenshot of Prayer Times (Islamic Tools) Screenshot of Prayer Times (Islamic Tools)
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