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Information about NCBS and its surroundings.
Version: 6.6.9
Added: 17-05-2020
Updated: 15-10-2020

Check shuttle and buggy timings, find important contacts, check lecture hall venue and more! This 'unofficial' app brings you some useful information right into your pockets.

Currently supports following transport routes, however you can always add your own :)

  • NCBS - IISc shuttle

  • IISc - NCBS shuttle

  • NCBS - ICTS shuttle

  • ICTS - NCBS shuttle

  • NCBS - Mandara shuttle and buggy

  • Mandara - NCBS shuttle and buggy

  • NCBS - CBL shuttle

You can add your own route from 'Manage Transport' section. You can also delete existing routes if you don't want.

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