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Network Monitor

Check network connectivity
Version: 1.32.0
Added: 27-04-2015
Updated: 11-08-2019

Network Monitor is a diagnostic tool which periodically tests your network connection and logs the results to a database on the phone. It tests the connection by retrieving the main Google page ( in two different ways:

  • An HTTP connection (the type of connection used by the browser and other web apps)
  • A basic socket connection (a type of connection used by other apps)

It also logs other information about your device and connection status, such as:

  • The network type (WiFi, mobile/EDGE, mobile/HSPA, etc)
  • The WiFi SSID or APN
  • The device's location (latitude, longitude)
  • The cell tower's ids
  • The signal strength (from 0 to 4)
  • Other information...

You can send yourself a report of the collected data, in several formats (Excel, CSV, HTML, KML, the raw database). The report will also contain a summary of the success rate of the connection tests, per cell tower and WiFi access point.

  • WARNING: This app is a diagnostic/debugging app which may use a lot of battery and data.

Screenshot of Network Monitor Screenshot of Network Monitor Screenshot of Network Monitor
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