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neutriNote CE

A hub of written thoughts in fast searchable plain text
Version: 3.9.2
Added: 20-04-2021
Updated: 02-12-2021
neutriNote in a nutshell: all-in-one preservation of written thoughts, be those text, math (LaTeX), rich markdown, drawings, etc., in fully searchable plain text (universal UTF-8).

* Uncluttered UI: Fine-tuned user interface elements to reduce app switching. Accessible search filters for precise navigation to your note contents with minimum taps.
* Customization: Your workflow can be further automated by Tasker, Barcode Scanner, ColorDict, and other add-ons, or by connecting neutriNote's repository to web-based services. Options available to deep configure your note taking process.
* Backup: Multiple ways to backup your notes. Freedom to pick a cloud backend that works for you: open source P2P Syncthing, Dropbox, or third party Google Drive, Box, OneDrive components.
* Cost: Totally free. No hidden permission (see below). Optional add-ons can be purchased to support its development.

App Permissions Explained:

* Location access for location based search, location stamps, etc.
* Camera access for built-in barcode scanner.
* Storage access for core functions.
* Permission required by Sony devices to avoid crashes on certain models
* Permission to access network as MathJax is used for math rendering. MathJax will be cached for offline rendering later.
* Permission to receive boot completion for Tasker to schedule backup requests on legacy devices (pre-Android 8.0). It has no effect on devices running later versions of Android.

1. and 2. can be denied/revoked as needed either from Settings or via Marshmallow's runtime permissions.

GitHub: https://github.com/appml/neutrinote

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