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NewPipe Beta

Lightweight Mediaservices app
Version: 0.12.0
Added: 16-02-2018
Updated: 28-02-2018

Lightweight frontend for several audio and video platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. NewPipe comes without proprietary bindings like Google play services, and it sends as few data as possible. Also it has several other awesome features like Downloading and listening to videos.

This a very early version of the app, so not all functionality is implemented, and there may still be a lot of bugs. But all in all it's doing what it is supposed to do.

ATTENTION: This is the beta version of the app. It has embedded the newest features, and functions meant to be part of NewPipe. However this is a highly unstable app, and only thought for testing, so use at your own risk. If you want to have a more reliable version of this app please use our release candidate.

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