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A news recommendation engine with user customizable parameters
Version: 1.4
Added: 18-01-2019
Updated: 18-01-2019

News apps like Google News, Flipboard, BBC show trending articles written a day or two back. If say there are hundred articles written in a day, these news apps pick just a few of them. It is a time saving feature. But they lack a key flexibility. Consider you haven’t read any news for the last 1 monthor 1 year. If you open any of the news apps or news websites, you will still be shown trending articles written a day or two back and not last month or last year. Hence this app News picks popular articles of a website in a time range we specify. For example, has 292,172 articles. But this app sorts all those articles based on popularity. This app is a a webview of and has PWA(Progressive Web App) features.

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