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News reader
Version: 11.1.1
Added: 30-10-2012
Updated: 18-10-2021
Newsblur is software that runs on a server and collects RSS/Atom feeds for
you to read. If you don't have your own server you can sign up for a freemium
account at The feeds can be read in a web browser or using this


* Synchronizes with NewsBlur servers so keep your stories and read/unread status consistent
* Read all of your news subscriptions (RSS feeds)
* Read while offline and re-sync read and saved stories when online again.
* Share and comment on the news with friends
* Multiple device support (Web, Android, iOS)
* Meet new people who share the same interests
* Collapsible folders
* Save stories
* Dark mode for night time reading
* Multiple viewing options for stories
* Training your feeds - Hide the stories you don't like and highlight the stories you do.
* River of news - show stories from several different feeds in a single view
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