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Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook
Version: 3.0.1
Added: 18-09-2020
Updated: 26-08-2023
This app is a viewer for recipes in Nextcloud App.
The synchronisation can be done direct (with nextloud) or with the local storage.

Synchronize directly works with Single Sign On (SSO) per nextcloud client.
The local storage can synchronized in other ways, there is no dependency to a client.

First steps
After first installation (or with the current update from 2.x.x to 3.0.0) it shows the login screen.
If the nextcloud client is installed and you want to synchronize direct with the nextcloud server, you can use
the login button to show a list of accounts and you choose the account to login.
Then the app will download the recipes with the REST api.

If you want to synchronize with the local storage, you can skip the login ("Skip for local storage").
After that, you have to choose the recipe directory in the settings and permit access.
In the app "All categories" is the main view, there the app is loading the recipes from the choosen directory.

When using the Nextcloud Android client, you find the directory on your storage under Android/media/com.nextcloud
.client/nextcloud/<your account>/<folder>

You also can choose the theme in the settings.
After that, the start view has a list of recipes and you select a recipe to view the details.

IMPORTANT: With direct pick of the nextcloud folder there will no images shown and the uri can't be stored right. Perhaps at next app start no recipes can be loaded.
Therefore it is better to use the above mentioned path on the SD card (see First steps).

Screenshot of Nextcloud Cookbook Screenshot of Nextcloud Cookbook Screenshot of Nextcloud Cookbook
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