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Simply fetch Nextcloud notifications on devices without Google Play services
Version: 1.0-beta11
Added: 20-07-2021
Updated: 20-11-2021
Nextcloud services allow you to receive notifications from your Nextcloud services even if you do not have Google play services installed.


Currently login available only by putting credentials into app. So to login into your Nextcloud via this app follow steps below:
* At your Nextcloud open settings and navigate to "Security"
* Generate per-app password
* Enter you login and server address into the app(Enter server address without `https://` prefix)
* Enter generated per-app password
* On Nextcloud server click "Add" button to add generated password to list of authenticated devices(Additionally it is recommended to disable file access for this per-app password)

IMPORTANT: Do **NOT** ommit first two steps - this may be risky for your security

* Nextcloud and ownCloud team for Nextcloud
* Deck Android app for deck logo
* Nextcloud app for Nextcloud logo and spreed(talk) logo


Screenshot of NextcloudServices
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