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Unlock KeePass database with NFC
Version: 1.41
Added: 20-01-2014
Updated: 27-10-2014
Unlock KeePass database with any NFC tags such as:

* Mifare Ultralight
* Mifare Classic
* NTAG203
* Sony SmartTag (few types are R/W)


* Keepass2Android online
* Keepass2Android offline
* KeePassDroid

Security: NFC tag stores only random numbers, and the password is encrypted with
those numbers (AES-128 algorithm), stored in protected Android device memory. An
attacker would have to scan(copy) your NFC tag and either steal and root your
Android device to get your password. If you suspect that your NFC tag has been
read, you can use NFC Key again to re-write it with new random values, rendering
the previous information useless.
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