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Share messages via NFC tags
Version: 3.2
Added: 06-04-2015
Updated: 17-11-2016
Proof of concept for a localized message system.

It is quite simple, and does the job of reading and writing to any plain text
NFC tags. At a minimum you are recommended to use an NTAG216 that gives you
approximately 800 bytes of writeable memory.

It also has the advantage of being relatively private means of communicating
(even if it runs the issue of spoofing), since it is essentially a dead drop

Potential Uses:

* Geo Cache GuestBook
* Ingress Local Message Store


* Reads Plain Text
* Write and prepends a message to a Plain Text Tag
* UTF-8 support, so can show emoticon.
* Links, email, map address are autolinked
Screenshot of NFCMessageBoard Screenshot of NFCMessageBoard
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