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NGA client
Version: 4.0.1
Added: 20-05-2022
Updated: 06-04-2024
An FOSS client for National Gay Alliance forum.

This APP is based on the open source with GNU GPL v2 license published by
at, and as they said they stoped update their
project at the revision of 580, we start to take over the project, we fork the
project to github
and still use GNU GPL v2 as our code license, you can see the file on
our github site that shows this APP in Google Play is completely compile with our
codes. This APP use the open APIs of the forum "Nation Geography of Azeroth" which
are opened to everyone as the thread said,
users just need to login as they did on the PC site, and the APIs use cookie to
authorization users, if the user login with our APP, they should have the rights
to get all data from the APIs. and those APIs also used in many different places
such as the forum's PC and mobile site, other developers' APPs and so on. We state
we have not violated the legitimate rights of the forum "Nation Geography of Azeroth",
our APP is free and does not contain advertising, our code is based on a open source
project and is also opend in github.
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