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Night Mode Enabler

Enable NightMode on Android7+
Version: 1.0
Added: 29-08-2016
Updated: 29-08-2016
Enables toggle and quick tile to control system-wide dark theming.

Want access to the Night Mode Quick Tile on Nougat? Seems like it’s hidden. But
with this amazing app, you can get a sweet VIP pass to that awesome blue-light

If you’re having trouble - make sure to click "On" in the top left rather than
the switch in the top right once it opens System UI Tuner.

Note: On Android 7.1 and higher - this feature is officially built into the
operating system, called Night Light. However, this feature requires a driver,
and as a result, only is available on Pixel and Pixel XL (and newer devices). As
a result this will not work on Nexus devices on that version.
Screenshot of Night Mode Enabler Screenshot of Night Mode Enabler
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