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Dutch weather and rain radar app
Version: 1.2.0
Added: 10-12-2019
Updated: 29-01-2020
NLWeer is a simple open-source and privacy-friendly Dutch weather app for Android (5.0 or newer). It is free both as in free lunch and as in freedom. Weather information is provided by KNMI, see the about screen in the app for more information. Compared to other weather apps for the Netherlands (e.g. Buienradar), here are some reasons to use NLWeer instead: * It is open-source and can be customized/improved by anyone if needed * It does not nor never will display commercial advertisements * It does not require any permissions (except GPS if explicitly requested) * It is very lightweight and battery friendly * It does not require the Google Play Services But there are reasons as well not to use NLWeer (for now at least): * It doesn't produce a rain-forecast graph for your location * It doesn't include a written weather forecast * It doesn't include data from Buienradar (yet)
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