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NÖ Finderlein

A companion app for the Lower-Austrian NÖ-Card
Version: 2.0.15
Added: 22-05-2022
Updated: 14-06-2022
NÖ Finderlein
The NÖ Finderlein is the inoffical compainon App to the so called "Niederösterreich-CARD". It shows all destinations which can be visited with the Card in a well-arranged manner.

The main functions are:
- quickly display all relevant information to all destinations
- list destinationy by regioins
- search for destinations
- view the destinations in a map
- list all destinations sorted by proximity to current location (GPS required)
- call the navigation App directly from the app
- filter according to destination type (monastery, castle and manor house,...)
- define favorites
- mark visited destinations
- display today open locations

Therefore the NÖ Finderlein is the ideal companion for people who are abroad and want to quickly look-up some Niederösterreich-Card related information.
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