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Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noises
Version: 0.5.0
Added: 24-08-2019
Updated: 09-05-2020

For a lot of people, a little background noise is helpful to calm down and focus. In some cases, it’s also a boost to productivity. Background noise can also help minimize the effects of stress.

Noice is an app that allows you to create your own set of background sounds by mixing clips from environmental sources. Create your perfect surroundings by combining different sounds to drown out distractions so you can focus on your work, or generate serene, peaceful environments that encourage you to fall asleep.


  • 18 recorded noises
  • Make customised mix
  • Save your favorite mixes
  • Play alongside other music players
  • Individual volume control for each noise source
  • Offline playback

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