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An extremely lightweight launcher.
Version: 1.0
Added: 13-12-2022
Updated: 13-12-2022
NoLauncher is an extremely lightweight and minimal launcher for Android inspired by OLauncher Light, and OLauncher in general. It is very barebones and aims to provide only the most basic features.


- Homescreen and app drawer: swipe down on homescreen to enter the app drawer
- Long press an app field on the homescreen to assign an app, app can be renamed
- Type to search in app drawer, if only one result is left, it is automatically launched
- Gestures: swipe down for notification center, left for camera app, right for phone app, double tap to lock screen (requires root)
- Hold on empty space to change the number of apps on homescreen

Screenshot of NoLauncher Screenshot of NoLauncher Screenshot of NoLauncher
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