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Notable Plus

Add and manage reminders
Version: 1.6.0
Added: 04-04-2016
Updated: 03-06-2017
Allows you to set reminders and notes in your notification bar.


* Multi-line reminders
* Alarms
* Reminder History
* DeskClock Extension!
* Detail screen to see more information
* Different color flags (icons)
* Voice recognition shortcut
* Swipe to remove reminder (option to turn it on/off in options)
* Option to turn a quick shortcut on and off in the settings
* Quick Share to Notable
* Design inspired from the Holo / Google Now cards
* Click to dismiss the notification
* Restore previous reminders after a reboot
* (Android 4.1+) Edit notifications, expandable notifications
* (Android 4.1+) Hide the checkmarks from the status bar by setting priority as MINIMUM
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