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Note Crypt Pro

Keep your notes safe and secure
Version: 1.44
Added: 20-02-2017
Updated: 12-11-2018
* Create different encrypted, with password, database (files).
* Add new notes in a database choosing for each of them: title and tags.
* Filter by Tag the list of the notes.
* Mark the notes as important by clicking the star icon.
* Sorting notes by alphabet or creation date.
* The database is securely encrypted with AES 128 bit,

using cipher-block chaining (CBC), PKCS5Padding and random IV. For the KDF is
used a random salt and PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1.

At the first start you need to choose the name of the database (only the name or
the complete path in memory) and press the Create button. After choosing your
password you can open the database pressing Open.

If you forgot your password, the notes will be inaccessible.
Screenshot of Note Crypt Pro Screenshot of Note Crypt Pro Screenshot of Note Crypt Pro
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