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NS-USBloader is USB/WiFi data transfer helper for N Switch homebrew apps
Version: 5.0
Added: 29-12-2020
Updated: 29-12-2020
This is application-installer for N.Switch. It's used with NS homebrew applications installed on console such as: Adubbz/TinFoil, Huntereb/Awoo-Installer and XorTroll/GoldLeaf.

For Adubbz/TinFoil and Huntereb/Awoo-Installer USB and NET (WiFi) installations supported.
For XorTroll/GoldLeaf USB installation supported. Please note: only GoldLeaf-v0.5 supported.

In other words, it's replacement for default scripts/applications like,, GoldTree/Quark that works on your phone or tablet.

Screenshot of NS-USBloader Screenshot of NS-USBloader Screenshot of NS-USBloader
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