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Subversion client
Version: 1.0.10
Added: 22-09-2012
Updated: 01-10-2012
Works for http:// https:// and svn:// repositories. svn+ssh:// is experimental
and has been added recently. Currently supports all of the following svn
operations: Checkout (Head or specify revision), Update, Commit, Export (Head or
specify revision), Cleanup, and Revert. Also allows you to view remote
repository revisions (you specify the number of revisions to retrieve) and see
commit comments, author, date/time and all files changed, added, deleted, etc.

Working copies and exports of repositories are saved locally (all checked out
files will go to your mountable storage: most of the time /mnt/sdcard/OASVN) so
they could be edited on your device with an IDE such as Terminal IDE and then
you can commit back to your repository.

The most recent version adds svn export so you can make a local copy of your
repository on your Android device without making a working svn copy.
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