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Get android app updates directly from the source
Version: 1.1.11
Added: 02-02-2024
Updated: 17-06-2024

Obtainium allows you to install and update Apps directly from their releases pages, and receive notifications when new releases are made available.

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Currently supported App sources:

  • Open Source - General:

    • GitHub

    • GitLab

    • Codeberg

    • F-Droid

    • Third Party F-Droid Repos

    • IzzyOnDroid

    • SourceForge

    • SourceHut

  • Other - General:

    • APKPure

    • Aptoide

    • Uptodowng

    • APKMirror (Track-Only)

    • Huawei AppGallery

    • Jenkins Jobs

  • Open Source - App-Specific:

    • Mullvad

    • Signal

    • VLC

  • Other - App-Specific:

    • WhatsApp

    • Telegram App

    • Neutron Code

  • "HTML" (Fallback): Any other URL that returns an HTML page with links to APK files


For some sources, data is gathered using Web scraping and can easily break due to changes in website design. In such cases, more reliable methods may be unavailable.

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