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OCR Test

Convert camera images to text
Version: 0.5.14
Added: 10-04-2013
Updated: 27-02-2015
NOTE: This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived.

N.B. The direct translation function won’t work as it requires API keys which
are not in the source. It is possible to long-press the result to copy it, so
that it can be pasted into a browser or a dictionary.

Experimental app for optical character recognition (OCR). Runs the Tesseract OCR
engine on your device to find text in images captured by the device camera,
without uploading your images to a server. It is suitable for recognizing
individual words or short phrases of text.

The default single-shot capture runs OCR on a snapshot image that’s captured
when you click the shutter button, like a regular photo. When the "continuous
preview" checkbox is checked, the app shows a dynamic, real-time display of what
the device is recognizing right beside the camera viewfinder. The continuous
preview mode works best on a fast device.
Screenshot of OCR Test Screenshot of OCR Test Screenshot of OCR Test
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