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OCR based on Tesseract 4
Version: 2.1
Added: 25-01-2021
Updated: 16-04-2021

An OCR app that can recognize texts on images.

This app is based on Tesseract 4 and the first of which based on Tesseract 4.
After downloading the Training data, the app does everything offline.

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* Highest accuracy.
* Extract text from images.
* Copy data to clipboard.
* Select any part of the data.
* Process multiple languages in single image.
* Based on latest Training Data.
* 120+ recognized languages.
* 3 Type of data i.e Standard, best, fast for more info click here.
* Math recognition/equation detection.
* Process images directly from the gallery on your device via the share menu.

Required Permissions

* Internet: Downloading the training data
* Access Internet state: To download the training data.
* Note: None of your data is sent to anywhere


* Tesseract and Tesseract Data: Apache 2.0.
* Tesseract4Android: Apache 2.0.
* BoxImageView: AGPLv3.
* ImageCropper: Apache 2.0.

Made possible by the Tesseract4Android library.
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