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OCS-NG Agent

OCS Inventory client
Version: 2.1.6c
Added: 20-10-2014
Updated: 26-11-2016
Agent/Client for the Open Computers and
Software Inventory

You will have a complete inventory of all your Android devices: hardware and
software information will be collected and stored. Processors, memories, drives
and space used, bios, serial number, installed applications and versions, SIM
and operator information, … OCS Inventory Agent for Android send inventory to
OCS Inventory NG Server 2.1

OCS Inventory NG project is an open source project providing:

* hardware and software inventory (multiplatform)
* network discovery (IP Discover and SNMP)
* software deployment
* interfaced with others IT and Asset Management Software througt the OCS WebService
Screenshot of OCS-NG Agent Screenshot of OCS-NG Agent Screenshot of OCS-NG Agent
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