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Octal Sun Time

A clock for solar time in the octal number system
Version: 0.2.1
Added: 02-10-2022
Updated: 10-12-2022
A clock that shows the octal solar time of your chosen location.

Octal solar time is a location-specific time system that defines a day as the time between two consecutive solar midnights. Known to contain 24 hours in the regular clock system, a day is divided into 8 equally long octal hours. Each octal hour is divided into 64 equally long octal minutes. Each octal minute is divided into 64 equally long octal seconds.

The clock is visualized by an hour finger that runs one cycle per day, with 0 (solar midnight) at the bottom and 4 (solar noon) at the top. In addition, the octal hour and minute is also shown digitally as a three-digit octal number in the center. A golden arch visualizes the time between sunrise and sunset.

Locations can be managed and chosen. Locations can be added by an online search function backed by wikidata.

Privacy notice: When using the location search function, the app connects to a wikidata server and shares your typed search term in order to get search results. This is the only situation when the app uses internet connection.

Screenshot of Octal Sun Time
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