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Offi Stations

The King of Public Transit
Version: 10.5.3-aosp
Added: 14-08-2018
Updated: 13-04-2019

All-in-one app for public transit:

  • trip planner (door to door),
  • live departure times (including delays),
  • nearby stations (also on a map) and
  • interactive network plans.

Öffi makes use of official time table and connection data of the selected public transit authority! This ensures that disruptions become visible as soon as the transit authority has included them with the data.

Requested permissions:

  • Full network access, because Öffi needs to query information services for departures and disruptions.
  • Location, so Öffi can show nearby stations and navigate you from your current location.
  • Contacts/Calendar, so Öffi can route you to your contacts or location from a calendar event, store a connection in your calendar or e-mail it to your friends.

Other than that, Öffi will not use your private data.

Screenshot of Offi Stations Screenshot of Offi Stations Screenshot of Offi Stations
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