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Open Note Scanner

Scan documents, handwritten notes or arts
Version: 1.0.35-fdroid
Added: 24-02-2016
Updated: 25-07-2020
With Open Note Scanner you can capture documents, handwritten notes, arts,
shopping receipts, etcetera. It will automatically adjust the image aspect,
contrast and save it. It will allow browsing, view and share the scanned

It also supports the automatic scan of preformatted pages with QR Code and
action indicators. PDF file with the pages are available on the application
website, in the releases section.

In order to work, Open Note Scanner needs to have access to the OpenCV Manager
application installed. If it could not find it, it will offer to download it
from GitHub or Play Store. It is also possible to manualy install it from the
OpenCV SDK for Android, available on
Screenshot of Open Note Scanner Screenshot of Open Note Scanner Screenshot of Open Note Scanner
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