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A lightweight, open-source NextBike client for Android
Version: v1.4
Added: 12-09-2023
Updated: 30-01-2024
[Disclaimer: This app is not the official NextBike Android client and I am in no way affiliated with NextBike or TIER.]

OpenBike is a lightweight, open-source NextBike client for Android.

It provides a way for Android users to interact with NextBike rentals without requiring the use of Google's Play Store or Play Services.

While OpenBike supports most common functions, it does not support anything related to account management. For that, please visit NextBike's website or use the official app.


  • Log in / Log out of your NextBike account

  • Rent a bike via manual Bike ID input

  • Rent a bike via QR Code scan

  • View a list of currently open rentals

  • Bookmark stations and view their bike counts at a glance

  • View detailed information on each rental

  • Issue commands to a bike (open-lock, pause/resume rental)

  • Light/Dark mode support

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