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Paperless geocaching
Version: 1.1.0
Added: 30-01-2013
Updated: 30-01-2013
N.B Switch to the OpenStreetMap map provider in settings. The app will
crash if you try to use Google Maps and you don't have that installed.

* Copy gpx files to the folder /sdcard/gpx (or /sdcard/download)
* Optional: create / edit the text file /sdcard/gpx/info.txt (e.g. your personal cache search order)
* Run OpenGPX

Variation 2 (faster imports):

* Create a cache database by using the Cache Database Management tool
* Copy database.db4o to /sdcard/gpx/database

Variation 3 (Online):

* Use the "Search Online" feature (requires a free account at bcaching)
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