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OpenStud for InfoStud

Unofficial client for Sapienza University's InfoStud
Version: 1.29.2
Added: 31-08-2019
Updated: 10-08-2021
OpenStud is a native, opensource and unofficial client for Sapienza University's InfoStud.
The app implements all the features for managing your student account while at the same time providing an appealing UI.

In particular, it allows to:

* Manage your profile.
* Manage exam reservations.
* See the results of the exams passed.
* Download and view the reservation receipts.
* View statistics (GPA, ECTS and much more) and "forecast" the trend by entering the future results of your exams manually.
* See the taxes generated but still unpaid and those paid.
* Find a classroom and provide some info like the lesson that is taking place in it, the position or the timetable.
* See a calendar with date of exams and lessons all in one place.
* See the most recent news from the university and the events that will take place.
* Read your webmail
* Access your student card
* Compile OPIS survey to express the student's opinion on the courses.
* Add widgets to your device's homescreen with to easily check your statistics or upcoming exams.

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