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OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks

OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks
Version: 2.10.0
Added: 23-01-2020
Updated: 08-03-2021
An OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks.
It shows a selected track with start- and endpoints on a map from OpenStreetMap based on the Mapsforge library.
The default is an online map, but offline maps are supported as well. With offline maps, there is no necessity for a mobile data plan.

The default map is provided by
Join the community and help to improve the map, see

Please consider downloading an offline map to decrease the server load and save your mobile data plan.
Some offline maps can be found here:
- Mapsforge
- Freizeitkarte Android
- OpenAndroMaps

Some maps require special themes to render correctly! These need to be downloaded and configured accordingly.

Screenshot of OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks
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