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Live your life in Org Mode? Take it with you on your Android device.
Version: 1.37.6
Added: 29-01-2021
Updated: 02-02-2024
Orgro is an Org Mode file viewer with lots of features for comfortable reading on the go:

- Reflowed text for easy viewing on mobile screens

- Syntax highlighting that faithfully recreates the appearance in Emacs, in both light and dark modes

- Reader mode for hiding extraneous markup and showing only what's important

- Narrow your view to just a single section, just like in Emacs

- Beautiful tables with guaranteed correct spacing, even with non-ASCII characters

- Open external links in your web browser, and section links in narrowed views

- Expand or collapse sections, blocks, and drawers just like in Emacs

Note: INTERNET permission is required for displaying remote images and dynamically loading fonts from online sources (Google Fonts, AWS S3).

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