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Force apps to use Tor
Version: 1.2.0
Added: 05-08-2014
Updated: 04-08-2016
Force selected applications through Orbot while preventing unchecked
applications to have network access.

In short, orWall will add special iptables rules in order to redirect traffic
for applications through Tor; it will also add required rules in order to block
traffic for other apps. The redirection is based on the application user id.
Each android application runs as a dedicated user, and iptables has support for
traffic filtering based on the process owner, meaning it’s really easy and
pretty safe to do this kind of thing on an Android device.

The application works in two stages: first, an init-script will block all
incoming and outgoing traffic. This should prevent leaks, knowing Android sends
stuff before you can even access the device. Second stage comes once the device
is fully booted: orWall itself takes the lead on the firewall, and add required
rules in order to allow Orbot traffic, and redirect selected application to
Orbot TransPort.

Limitations: init-script works only on Android <= 4.4.x

Conflict: all other firewall application such as AFWall, DroidWall, etc
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