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Mapping and geolocation services link converter
Version: 0.5.4
Added: 30-03-2024
Updated: 24-06-2024
osm2gmaps is a versatile mapping utility that allows users to easily convert location links and coordinates between various mapping services. Whether you're navigating with Apple Maps, Google Maps, or prefer an open-source solution like OpenStreetMap, osm2gmaps streamlines the process of generating shareable links for any location.


* Coordinate Conversion: Enter latitude and longitude coordinates to instantly generate links for popular mapping services.
* Map Provider Options: Choose from a variety of map providers including Apple Maps, Google Maps, Magic Earth, OpenStreetMap, and more.
* Share: Share generated links directly with others.
* Location History: Keep track of past searches and coordinates for quick access.
* Customization: Tailor the app to your preferences with customizable settings for map providers and link formats.
* Location Detection: Use your device's GPS or network data to quickly populate coordinates for your current location.

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