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OSRS Helper

View your RuneScape stats
Version: 1.4.5
Added: 02-02-2015
Updated: 26-11-2016
View stats of your OldSchool Runescape

Do you sometimes feel the urgent need to look up your total level or your daily
gainz on Old School Runescape, but cannot because you're away from the computer?
How many times have you missed that golden opportunity to show that girl at the
bar that you have a max cape and that you once gained 1.4m cooking experience in
a single day?

We solved that problem for you. With this app, you'll be able to:

* Check the hiscores (regular, ironman, ultimate IM, hardcore IM);
* Share your hiscores with your friends;
* Consult the Crystal Math Labs (CML) experience tracker;
* Check out the top experience gains for players tracked with CML;
* Keep track of your Efficient Hours Played (EHP);
* Consult the Grand Exchange database;
* Add widgets to your homescreen! Display your stats/track any item's GE value (Powered by OSBuddy);
* Set your local RS profile, don't have to type your RSN all the time;
* Use a dynamic combat calculator;
* Keep up with OSRS news;
* Get notified in near-realtime of new OSRS blog posts;
* Browse the worldmap, with various pre-defined points of interest.

and more!
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