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OUI Lookup and Database

Find a device's manufacturer by its MAC address and browse OUIs assignments
Version: 1.6.1
Added: 01-11-2021
Updated: 19-11-2023
With OUI Lookup you can figure out who manufactured a device simply by inserting its MAC address in the search bar.
You can also search for a manufacturer and see its assigned OUIs.

  • Trusted source - The database is sourced from the IEEE to be as correct and updated as possible.
  • Works Offline - OUI Lookup works completely offline, an internet connection is only needed to update the database.
  • Bulk lookup - You can paste a comma/semicolon/whitespace/new line separated list of MAC Addresses to perform a multiple lookup.
  • Auto-paste from the clipboard when there is one or more MAC addresses
  • Dark theme is supported

Screenshot of OUI Lookup and Database Screenshot of OUI Lookup and Database
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