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Package Manager

A powerful application to manage your apps!
Version: v5.8
Added: 25-01-2021
Updated: 02-12-2021
Package Manager is a highly powerful application to manage apps, both system and user, installed on an android device.

WARNING: I Am NOT Responsible for any Damages on Your Device!

ROOT Access is required for some advanced features.


Package Manager is a simple, yet powerful application, offering the following features:
* A beautiful list view of System and User applications, together or separately.
* Helps to do basic tasks such as Open app, show app info, visit PlayStore page, uninstall (User apps), etc.
* Install Split apk's/app bundles (supported bundle formats: .apks, .apkm, and .xapk) from device storage.
* Explore and export contents of an installed app (Experimental).
* Export individual or a batch of apps (including Split apk's) into device storage.
* Do advanced tasks such as (need Root access):
• Uninstall an individual or a batch of system apps (de-bloating).
• Control Operations (AppOps).
• Disable or Enable individual or a batch of apps.


Please help me to translate this application via POEditor. You may also translate after downloading the original language string available GitHub.
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