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Pagan Opus Editor

An Esoteric Notation Editor
Version: 1.1.2
Added: 10-07-2023
Updated: 19-09-2023
It's esoteric and it's *probably* not for you, but give it a try if you have ever thought:
1. Notation should be expressed in numerals, specifically in radix-12 numerals
2. Sharps and flats are arbitrary
3. Rhythms that aren't divisible by 2 should be more legible
4. You'd just prefer to work in spreadsheets wherever possible

Export to MIDI or import and reorchestrate an existing midi file.
Absolute & Relative notes, input a difference up or down from the previous note.
Easy polyrhythms.
Link repeated sections for efficiency's sake.
It's a song editor. Use it to make songs.

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