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Pagan Music Sequencer

A Moderately Esoteric Music Sequencer
Version: 1.4.8
Added: 10-07-2023
Updated: 09-06-2024
N-tonal tuning
Pagan supports N-tone tuning. Change your radix to 24 for microtones or something else just to see what happens.

A Divisive Interface
Pagan completely ignores measures like any other sequencer but instead of laying out notes based on absolute timing, uses beats. Each column represents one beat and can be split up easily to show rhythm.

Midi Support
Import a midi file to resequence it. Export a midi to share it. Plug your midi instrument in to play your music through it. (not currently applicable with the N-tonal tuning)

Repetition without Repetition
Single beats and full selections can be linked together to save copy/pasting

Bigger than Midi
Pagan isn't only a midi sequencer. Use whatever (.sf2) soundfont you want and export the audio data.

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