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Live Wallpaper with art from Mark Ferrari and Joseph Huckaby's Canvas Cycle Demo
Version: 2.2.2
Added: 18-07-2022
Updated: 18-07-2022
Features include:

* Over 20 images that match the current time of day
* 7 collections that change images based on the time of day
* Over 35 standalone animated images, as well as several still images
* Pan and zoom to show only part of an image
* Enable parallax to use the whole image: the image will scroll when you change screens
* Download only the images you use

Art created by Mark Ferrari. Code based on Joseph Huckaby's website code (including his blendshift technology).

See the sites that this app is based on here:

If you'd like to support the original authors (Mark Ferrari, Joseph Huckaby, and Ian Gilman), consider buying their Living Worlds app, which has some art and details not in this app.
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