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Helps you and others in case of an emergency
Version: v0.5
Added: 15-12-2018
Updated: 02-07-2019
PanicTrigger is an Android app which can help you in case of an emergency
situation. In case of an emergency you tap on a big red button which causes
the app to send out SMS to your preconfigured contacts without
comfirmation. So don’t tap on the wrong button ;-)

PanicTrigger runs in the background and listens for incoming SMS this is
why it needs the permission to read your SMS. Trust me I won’t read your
SMS :)

If an ingoing SMS contains a specific word AND is from a specific number
then an alarm will go off and call the sender of the SMS in one minute.
Enough time for you to wake up and realize that the alarm has been

Your contact(s) can trigger your alarm with a simple SMS and vice versa. If
your opponent doesn’t have this app he will only see an SMS with the text
“Panic” (by default) and your current GPS coordinates. This makes this app
useful regardless of your contact has this app installed or not.
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