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View Passbook files
Version: 3.5.7
Added: 15-08-2014
Updated: 29-12-2020
Displays Passbook (*.pkpass) files & shows the Barcode (QR, PDF417 and AZTEC
format). It can be used also when offline.

This app is a viewer for passes - a pass could be a e.g. boarding-pass for your
next flight, a coupon for a nice hot beverage on the destination, a movie
ticket, a membership card - there are a lot of possibilities. Basically it is a
replacement for a piece of paper or plastic you would normally have to carry
with you - so lets save some trees and reduce waste!

How does it work?

There are so called espass or pkpass files - you can open them with this app -
e.g. when you receive them via email or get an Download-option. The most
important content is the BarCode ( QR , AZTEC & PDF417which authorizes you most
of the time - but it also has other interesting content like a description -
often a time ( that you now can add to your calendar ) - often also locations (
to give you directions ) - just try It out! The app is offline usable once you
downloaded the pass!
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